About Us

We believe that truth and knowledge should be shared with all mankind and that for man to know where he is going he needs to know whence he came. With this recognition, we strive to undertake archeological excavations worldwide in conjunction with various educational institutions including Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

We recognize that history and religion affects today’s cultures, societies, and governments. Historically and currently there exists distrust, discontent, persecution and strife among and between three of the worlds great religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and the culture and societies built around them. We believe the greatest defense to and cure for bias, prejudice, fear and misunderstandings among religions, cultures and societies is the dissemination of history and knowledge, the extinguishment of myths, and the promotion of truth.

The best means to accomplish the above is through discovery, exposure and dissemination of historical information, personal interactions among religions and cultures, and exposure to truth and common bonds of humanity. With these recognitions we strive to develop charitable based historical, cultural and archeological education programs directed toward these three great religions. We operate solely for the purpose of educating, promoting, sponsoring interest in, facilitating and administering a private sector based historical, cultural and archeological based education program directed to understanding these three great religions.  Thereby diminishing distrust, discontent, persecution and strife.

Working Together

Our expeditions put Israelis, Palestinians and Americans working together, side by side. Each has a responsibility to represent their people during this potentially historic search. The success hinges on the ability of each group to accomplish the necessary tasks needed.

Exposing the Truth

Media has portrayed most religious groups as intolerable of each other, specifically Jews and Muslims. These projects demonstrate how people can put aside their differences to focus on a common goal. Due to the location of the dig, each religious group must be a part of the discovery.

Dissemination of Information

We document our experiences throughout each expedition. Expert interviews, collaboration with a diverse group of individuals, drone aerial footage and more help us share our experiences, exposing truth and knowledge.